FreeBitco 10000 Roll UPDATED 2022


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This is a challenge for those people how pay this crazy amounts of money for crazy digital thing bitcoin.
We have to agree that anything that is digital can be hacked and manipulated and actually I was thinking that it will be a challenge for me but I found that it was damn easy that anyone can do.

You have to follow the coming steps

1.Download the Script thru this Link :

2.Create New Account on freebitco thru this Link :

3.Copy the Whole code of the Script (Ctrl+Shift+I) all together at once on the browser

5.Go to"Console" tab and paste the Script & Click ENTER then solve the captcha and hit the “roll” button

After the 10000 roll Go and Withdraw your Balance.

Note: This Script Works With My Referral Only You Can Use Script Only One Device in Lifetime per IP address.

Try to not miss anything and follow all steps and Please comeback and share your feedback with us